Global Industrial Hygiene  Consulting


jAS international ih education programs

Customized industrial hygiene and safety training programs

Ergonomics for competitive edge

2-5 day programs ranging from awareness to problem solving sessions 

nano technology is here! are you prepared?

A one day seminar for managers

gearing up for the next decade of industrial hygiene management

A 2 day briefing for EHS managers

other specialized sessions available on request


FOR Scheduled Courses in your area, please contact dr. singh:

Candidates will receive a “certificate of module completion” from the training provider regardless of the outcome of the examination when they receive all 5 days of training. This certificate of “course completion” will award the candidate 40 hours of “formal IH education” credits useful for further advancement in the field. Including the CIH examination by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

All OHTA/BOHS modules are of 5-day, 40-Hour duration. There is an examination on Friday of 2 hour duration (one hour for Module 201). Examination papers are sent to the BOHS for scoring. Certificates will be sent by the BOHS directly to the candidates.  


ohta/bohs Certificate modules

module 201: Principles of Occupational Hygiene

Introductory module for those with very little exposure to IH.

This module will not count towards the IcertOH designation

module 501: Measurement of Hazardous Substances


module 503: Noise


Module 504: Asbestos and other FIBRES


module 505: control of hazardous substances


module 507: health effects of Hazardous Substances


module 502: thermal stress


module 506: Ergonomic essentials


5 Day Advanced Industrial Hygiene Management

course at Oil & Gas operations

A Week of Learning in Hawaii with Dr. Jas Singh

advanced customized industrial hygiene training

For individuals assuming greater health and safety responsibilities within their organizations.

For individuals ready to sit for the CIH exam.

This training will be conducted at our Waikiki Hawaii office.