I have never laughed so loud as I did reading the story Six Basic Rules of Camel Safety. Very funny!
Thank you for lightening my morning with this great story.

Ranee Ramaswamy
Artistic Director
Ragamala Dance (an ethnic TV program in Minneapolis)
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

They will no longer wonder. In fact they will be jealous ,of your profession. You could be the talk of parties! The book is available from this website, and also from Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles and several other retailers. 


Chronicles of Intrigue, folly, ANd

Laughter in the GLOBAL Workplace 

Do your friends, neighbors and loved one know what you do as an Industrial Hygienist?  Try explaining it! 
I know my friends and neighbors still do not understand what an Industrial Hygienist is.
They will stop wondering after you give them as a gift the book:
What Readers are Saying

I read the stories about the visit to Russia
with interest. Well done. And I must say, “wow, what memories.”

Dr. Zack Manzdorf
VP, Environment, Health and Safety (retired)
L’Oreal Corporation (Paris)


As Jas describes in his book, the profession of industrial hygiene can be very rewarding when measured by the lives we save and people we meet along the way. His book provides a unique look
into the life of a dedicated professional who continues to master the technical field of industrial hygiene while at the same time enjoys life, has fun, and does not miss an opportunity to experience the humanity we are dedicated to protect.
John Henshaw
Past OSHA Director/ Assistant Secretary of Labor, USA


JAS – Chronicles of intrigue, folly, and laughter in the global workplace.  Available at:  www.jascih.com, www.jas-intl.com and www.twoharborspress.com.  JAS is also available via major on-line booksellers including Amazon (www.amazon.com) and Barnes & Noble (www.barnesandnoble.com or www.bn.com).  Versions available include hardcover, paperback and e-book/e-reader, depending on availability and distribution agreements.  Published by Two Harbors Press.  Copyright 2014.

 JAS: Chronicles of Intrigue, Folly and Laughter in the Global Workplace 

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